Welcome to Lysefjorden lodge!

Lysefjorden Lodge is situated in the bottom of the Lysefjord which is the perfect base for a lot of hikes, for instance to the famous Kjerag or to the cabin of Nilsebu.

Whether you are coming to hike in the Lysefjord area, to relax in beautiful surroundings or you are one of those who come for the BASE-jumping, we wish you welcome to book your accommodation with us in Lysebotn.

Season 2019

20th of May - 13th of October.


booking@lysefjordenturist hytte.no

Telephone:                +47 94826602

You can also book a room atHihostels

Food and serving

Breakfast:    06:45 - 10:00

Lunch:           12:00 - 17:00

Dinner:         18:00 - 21:30


Check out prices for different kind of rooms and for food and serving HERE

How to get here

Getting to Lysebotn is easy. You can either take the ferry or the fast boat from Stavanger, Lauvvik or Forsand, or you can drive across the mountain from Øvre Sirdal, via Lyseheia and down to Lysebotn (this road is closed during winter).

Please note that if you want to bring your car on the boat, it is necessary to book in advance. For booking on the fast boat, check www.kolombus.no.

Also note that there is no gas station in Lysebotn.


From Stavanger and Lauvvik


From Lauvvik



From Stavanger



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